Things to Do: Go to Reeves Peach Farm in Hartselle

go to Reeves Peach Farm in Hartselle

About 20 miles south of Decatur is a peachy place to visit this time of year. Plan a day trip and go to Reeves Peach Farm in Hartselle for farm-fresh produce, homemade ice cream and more!

About Reeves Peach Farm

If you want to hit the open road, but stay close to home, you should go to Reeves Peach Farm in Hartselle this summer. Located off Highway 36, the family farm has been providing locally-grown produce and more to visitors since 1835.

According to the website, the first crops grown on the Reeves farm were cotton, corn and personal vegetables for the family. In the 1950s, watermelons were added to the crop rotation and began to be sold to travelers passing along Highway 36.

In 1959, peach orchards were added. Now, four generations later, the family is still growing peaches. In addition, a trip to Reeves Peach Farm will let you stock up on other fresh seasonal produce.

You can also shop for other specialty products in the country market, including homemade ice cream, jams, jellies and more. And if you get hungry during your visit, the restaurant serves weekly specials like smoked chicken pot pie or baked spaghetti, along with fresh sandwiches, plates and sides.

For a sneak peek at those weekly specials and other farm news, find Reeves Peach Farm on Facebook or Instagram.

More about the farm

You can find a variety of farm-fresh produce grown at the farm. Depending on the time of year, there are strawberries, peaches, watermelons, cantaloupes, plums, tomatoes, sweet corn, onions and more.

We might have missed peak strawberry season at the farm, but peak peach season is going on now. In fact, peach season includes 15 weeks of continuous harvest because of the wide variety of peaches grown!

If you go to Reeves Peach Farm in Hartselle in the next few weeks, you will most likely find Scarlet Prince, Winblo or Contender peaches by the buckets or bushels.


Head to 336 Highway 36 East to go to Reeves Peach Farm in Hartselle. As mentioned, it’s about 20 miles from Summer Courtyard Apartments. That’s usually about a 30-minute drive from us.

The farm is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday hours are from noon to 6 p.m.


What peachy creation will you whip up in your Summer Courtyard kitchen first when you get back from Reeves Peach Farm? Not a resident? Contact us to ask about availability. Meanwhile, keep reading our blogs for more fun things to do!

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