Things to Do: Visit Delano Park in Decatur

Visit Delano Park in Decatur

Looking for something to do this summer? Visit Delano Park in Decatur and step back in time. Established more than 130 years ago in 1887, it is one of the city’s oldest parks—and one of the most beautiful in the state!

Delano Park

The 28-acre park is located in historic downtown. Wondering what you’ll find there? More than you can imagine!

For starters, the lush park is full of whimsical sculptures. Have fun with a self-made scavenger hunt. Be on the lookout for a dragonfly, a rabbit, a bullfrog and a turtle, for instance.

In fact, there are seven unique bronze and steel sculptures scattered throughout the park.

Visit Delano Park in Decatur and get swept away in a real-life fairy tale. Let your imagination run wild as you wind your way through the Rose Garden.

Not only are there beautiful roses in bloom, there are plenty of other flowers and lush greenery too. The Rose Garden was built in 1934, and it happens to be one of the park’s main attractions.

But there is much more to explore at Delano Park.

More about the park

Visit Delano Park in Decatur to escape the daily grind with a natural reboot! Listen to the birds, feel the breeze and explore the park’s history.

Literally discover the story of Delano Park and Decatur as you walk along the Trail of History. This pedestrian sidewalk connects the east and west ends of the park from Fourth Avenue to Somerville Road.

Additional park attractions include a more trails, picnic pavilions, a basketball court and four lighted tennis courts.

Plus, children will love the Riverwild garden, playground and splash pad. The splash pad is open now through Labor Day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Click here for a list of splash pad guidelines and rules.


When you are ready to visit Delano Park in Decatur, head to 825 Gordon Drive Southeast. That’s less than five miles from us, so you can be there after about a 12-minute drive!

For more information, contact Delano Park here or give them a call at (256) 350-6836. The park is open daily from dusk until dawn. You can also connect with the park on Facebook or Instagram.


Legacy trees. Winding trails. History. Natural beauty. There is something for everyone at Decatur’s own Delano Park! Summer Courtyard also has something for everyone—including your pets. Find out more about us and our city when you keep reading our blogs!

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