In the News: Architect Selected for Decatur’s New Recreation Center

architect selected for Decatur's new recreation center

One more step has been taken when it comes to the new recreation center that will replace the existing Aquadome in Decatur. Last month, the architect selected for Decatur’s new recreation center was announced at the city council meeting.

The new rec center

According to reports, the architect selected for Decatur’s new recreation center beat out six other architectural firms. The council approved the Montgomery-based firm, Goodwyn Mills Cawood, with a 4 to 1 vote.

The city is working to replace the Aquadome Recreation and Pool Center with the new facility. The new facility will feature an indoor pool as well as several basketball and volleyball courts.

The new center will be constructed about a mile away from the Aquadome in nearby Wilson Morgan Park. Proposed plans have the future “Decatur Commons” situated on about two acres centrally located within the park.

The architecture firm’s preliminary proposal featured multiple basketball and volleyball courts along with a 25-meter pool. Plus, there will be an upstairs track, stationary bike stations and multi-use spaces for various exercise programs, special programs and meetings.

The projected timeline for the massive project is estimated to take about two years to complete.

More about Goodwyn Mills Cawood

The architect selected for Decatur’s new recreation center actually has several offices located throughout the Southeast. Offices can be found in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, Louisiana, South Carolina and North Carolina.

In fact, Goodwyn Mills Cawood is one of the largest architecture and engineering firms in the region. They have designed schools, parks, hospitals and other commercial developments.


Do you know how far Summer Courtyard Apartments is from Wilson Morgan Park? We’re less than four miles away! That means once the new recreation center is finished, you can be swimming, walking, biking or balling after about a 10-minute drive. In the meantime, stay active by reading our blogs!

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