In the News: New Facility for Career Academies of Decatur

New Facility for Career Academies of Decatur

It takes a lot of different careers to keep our town running. Fortunately, students can find new opportunities—and even a new passion—through Career Academies of Decatur. Our city aims to open a new facility for Career Academies of Decatur, near the parking lot of the current Career Academies Building on Westmead St. SW. Keep reading to learn what it will bring to the table—and when it will start educating students!

More on Career Academies of Decatur

The new facility will be brought to town by Career Academies of Decatur. You may have heard of them! They help a wide network of schools in the Huntsville and Decatur area attain job skills and get ready for higher education.

About the new facility

What if you could learn how to operate heavy machinery using realistic simulations? That’s the kind of experience the new facility in Decatur will offer. It promises to give students practical skills via its heavy equipment program.

Not to mention, the facility will also bring computer labs and an engineering program to the area. Finally, it will also include an EMT component, complete with a medical center.

According to plans, the facility will span about 2,800-square-feet. Its $8 million in funding comes courtesy of a state bond from October 2020, which gave the state a total of $1.25 billion to use. Construction will likely begin in April 2022.

Where will the new facility be located?

First, it housed an old classroom building. Then, the classroom was demolished, leaving a parking lot behind. And eventually, that area will become the new facility for Career Academies of Decatur. If you feel a spark of curiosity, you can drive by its location at the Joe Jones Gymnasium parking lot.

When will the new facility open?

There’s still quite a bit of work to be done before the new facility opens. Projects for opening are 2024. That gives us something to look forward to!


Real job skills, real applications and real bright futures will be available for local students thanks to the new facility for Career Academics of Decatur. Just another reason to love living here—and another reason why Decatur is one of the top places to work in manufacturing.

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