Things to Do: Take a Spring Staycation in Decatur

a spring staycation in Decatur

Booking expensive tickets or traveling for hours. Finding someone to watch your pets or water the plants. Taking precious time off work. Sometimes, your yearly vacation can seem like more trouble than its worth. Good news: you don’t have to leave town or spend big this year! In fact, you don’t even have to ask for time off work! Instead, stay right here and take a spring staycation in Decatur, AL.

What is a staycation?

A staycation has all of the fun of a vacation without all the extra travel and expenses! Lucky for us, Decatur offers countless entertainment, dining, and outdoor options for residents and visitors alike.

Decatur-Morgan County Tourism

Currently, Decatur-Morgan County Tourism is running a seasonal staycation special! If you go on a local staycation, let them know. They’ll give you a surprise free gift once you give them proof of your vacation. Visit them at 719 Sixth Ave. SE or call 256-350-2028 to learn more.

A Sample Itinerary

Raise your hand if you’re a planner! It always helps to have a guide. So, we’ve created a sample itinerary, just for you. We arranged it into a two-day plan—perfect for the weekend.

Day One

10 a.m. Visit the Carnegie Visual Arts Center when it opens! There, you can check out the exhibits or try hands-on activities. (We should note that it’s closed on Sunday and Monday.) Or, go to the Cook Museum of Natural Science (also closed on Sunday).

12 p.m.: Stop for lunch! You can pack a picnic and go to an outdoor recreation spot like Delano Park, Decatur Hospitality Nature Park, or Wilson Morgan Park. If you have kiddos, they can also play at the playgrounds.

2 p.m.: Home for a nap—or a shower! Alternatively, you can also stay at a local hotel. Ask for the spring staycation package!

6 p.m.: Time for takeout! Support a local restaurant you love or try a new one.

7 p.m.: Take in a film or show at The Princess Theatre!

Day Two

10 a.m.: After some much-needed sleep, get a coffee and breakfast from your favorite local coffee shop.

10:30 a.m.: Search for the adorable critters hidden along Decatur’s Downtown Turtle Trail.

12 p.m.: Who’s hungry? You can chow down on some famous Decatur, AL barbecue!

3 p.m. See if you can spot the iconic cranes as you traverse the 35,000-acre Wheeler Wildlife Refuge, which is free for all to attend. Or, you can canoe at the connecting Flint Creek Canoe Trail.

7 p.m. One last hurrah! Pick out a souvenir—it can be anything—to remind you of your special staycation in Downtown Decatur. Then, pick a restaurant for dinner, dessert, or both!

9 p.m. Relax after a wonderful staycation in your Summer Courtyard apartment.

Safety Reminders

Before you go on your spring staycation, check each venue’s website. That way, you can make sure you can follow all their safety requirements. Right now, the CDC recommends still wearing a mask and continuing to social distance. Thank you for your consideration!


After a very unexpected 2020, we all have an opportunity to improve 2021! When you take a spring staycation in Decatur, you aren’t just giving yourself some much-needed time off. You’re also infusing money into the local economy. So, everyone will feel the boost! Whether you want to visit parks and trails, marvel at art exhibits, or try some good cooking, you can look forward to a real treat.

Then, when it’s time to go home, you’ll love resting in your Summer Courtyard apartment. Learn all about our community—and even apply online—here. Finally, for more on lo

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