Coming Up: Alabama Bass Trail at Wheeler Lake

Alabama Bass Trail at Wheeler Lake

Don’t you wish you could pay your bills with just one fish? A few lucky folks can make that dream a reality at the Alabama Bass Trail at Wheeler Lake. Each competitor will cast his or her lines and see what comes up. Even if you don’t know much about fishing, you can stream—no pun intended—the event online on April 10.

What is the Alabama Bass Trail?

The Alabama Bass Trail is a five-part competition designed to see who’s the best reeler out there. It offers both North and South divisions. Each month from February to June, anglers can compete against the best in another competition. Once April arrives, they can also gather at Wheeler Lake and see who will net the latest prize.

Competitors fish in teams! They also will cast their lines in each leg of the competition—so that’s quite a bit of time out on the water.

Details on the Wheeler Lake Leg of the Competition

Anglers in the North Division will soon pack their bags. Their destination? The Alabama Bass Trail at Wheeler Lake. Hosted in conjunction with Decatur Morgan County Tourism, this part of the competition takes place on April 10 at—you guessed it—Wheeler Lake.

Earning points isn’t as easy as it sounds! Only certain catches will earn eligibility: smallmouth bass, spotted bass, and largemouth bass.

How can I watch the event?

No need to leave your cozy Summer Courtyard apartment! You can live stream the event on the Alabama Bass Trail’s official site. They will start fishing at daylight, so set your alarms nice and early!


The first-place winner will have 10,000 reasons to love the Alabama Bass Trail. Not only will he or she win $10,000, but he or she can also eventually win the $50,000 grand championship prize! As for the second-place winner, he or she will receive $5,000 and the third-place winner will earn $4,000.

Many competitors will soon share the wealth! You don’t have to place in the top slots to earn a reward. If you rank anywhere within 21st to 40th place, you will get $500.

And, these numbers don’t even include the other legs of the competition! In total, the Alabama Bass Trail offers over $580,000 in cash rewards. When October 22 and 23 roll around, anglers will take the waters again. This time, they will have a $50,000 grand prize on the line!


Good fortune awaits some lucky Alabama anglers. We wonder who will pull up the winning bass—and how big it will be! Whether you love fishing, sports, or our state’s natural beauty, you can take in an entertaining live stream event: the Alabama Bass Trail at Wheeler Lake.

Finding the right apartment feels like a big win! Join the Summer Courtyard community when you apply online. As for learning more about local events, check out our blog here.

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