Coming Up: 3rd Friday Downtown To-Go

3rd Friday Downtown to-go

Local businesses support towns by providing jobs, services, and revenue. They also show just how unique each and every city truly is. This month, consider supporting the incredible local businesses in Downtown Decatur by participating in 3rd Friday Downtown To-Go on June 27.

What is 3rd Friday Downtown To-Go?

The 3rd Friday Downtown To-Go event offers a little twist on the typical 3rd Friday Downtown. This time, customers can participate by picking up their orders for takeout, letting them do their part to stay healthy as they help their local community. After all, by supporting local businesses, you are also keeping the local economy healthy too.

Where is the 3rd Friday Downtown To-Go happening?

You can find the 3rd Friday Downtown To-Go in Downtown Decatur.

When is this month’s 3rd Friday Downtown To-Go?

Though Downtown Decatur paused this event for some time in order to flatten the curve, it has returned. You can participate all day on June 27!

What restaurants are in Downtown Decatur?

Downtown Decatur has a wide range of restaurants, from BBQ to deli fare to brewery creations. See all of the restaurants in Downtown Decatur by visiting their website here.

How do I maintain the proper social distancing?

Social distancing remains as important as ever, which is why the 3rd Friday Downtown To-Go has decided to focus on takeout. If you want to join in, make sure that you take the proper social distancing precautions by:

  • Routinely washing your hands for twenty seconds or longer;
  • Wearing a face mask;
  • Only spending time with those in your household;
  • Staying six feet apart from others; and
  • Following all posted signage.


One of the best things about local businesses is the fact that they bring the community together. Delicious food, friends new and old, and the satisfying feeling that comes with helping others—there’s a lot to gain by supporting your local economy. This month, sink your teeth into something tasty by participating in Decatur’s 3rd Friday Downtown To-Go.

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