4 Places for Outdoor Recreation in Decatur

Places for Outdoor Recreation in Decatur

You’ve crossed spring cleaning off your list. You’ve caught up on your laundry…and your latest shows. And your closet is now sorted with spring clothes to the front. If indoor activities seem to elude you, maybe it’s time to think outside—well, just, outside. After all, places for outdoor recreation in Decatur are aplenty.

Wheeler Lake

Ah, a day on the lake. More specifically, Wheeler Lake. Recharge your batteries with a day of boating or fishing on, or near, North Alabama’s second-largest lake. Wheeler Lake offers enjoyment for all stripes of recreation seekers, from kayaking to paddle boarding—and beyond.

Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge

When discussing places for outdoor recreation in Decatur, the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge deserves at least a mention. Teeming with wildlife, the refuge boasts wide-ranging habitats within its borders. Its territory spans tributaries, tupelo swamps, hardwood forests, pine uplands, and grasslands.

As a wildlife preserve, the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge gives nature lovers a way to be in their element. Visitors can sightsee, bird watch, and reconnect with their roots. More than 30 species of waterfowl call the preserve home, along with 115 fish species, 74 species of reptiles and amphibians, and 47 mammals. That’s quite a lot of animals to discover and photograph!

Decatur Hospitality Nature Park

Continuing along that same vein, Decatur Hospitality Nature Park offers natural wonders right in our backyard. Birders can look for ospreys, long-tailed ducks, scoters, and other waterfowl all along the water—then work their way through the serene walking trail. And Decatur Hospitality Nature Park doesn’t operate alone; the North Alabama Birding Trail has eight locations in and around Decatur to explore!

Native American Indian Walking Trails

The Native American Indian Interpretive Walking Trails at Point Mallard Park speak to flora enthusiasts and history buffs, alike. There, you can scan for native azaleas, spider lilies, and Alabama red maple. Plus, you’ll be able to walk through trails dedicated to distinguished Native American Indian leaders of the past. It’s quite an experience to follow the site’s footpaths, which once served as home for Tennessee Valley’s Chickasaw, Cherokee, and Creek tribes.


Every once in a while it’s good to get some fresh air. Fortunately, places for outdoor recreation in Decatur are in our backyard. That’s something we can all be glad in.

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