10 Interesting Facts About St. Patrick’s Day

Facts About St. Patrick’s Day

On March 17, we can celebrate one of the most favored holidays around: St. Patrick’s Day. Want to get a head start on the party? Check out these interesting facts about St. Patrick’s Day.

Home Sweet Home?

Here’s an easy question: what country is St. Patrick from? If you answered Ireland, you’d be wrong. Though the exact country he was born in isn’t known for certain, sources have suggested that Wales, England, or Scotland could be his homeland.

Un-beer-able Bills

How many of us have racked up a bigger tab than we expected to at the beginning of the night? With beer and merry spirits, St. Patrick’s Day provides the perfect storm—and a not-so-perfect price tag. Overall, folks spend a total of $245 million on their St. Paddy’s Day brews.

A Questionable Resumé

St. Patrick may have embellished a bit on his resumé. Fossil records and contemporary sources both seem to show that Ireland was potentially already serpent-free.

Coming to America

St. Patrick’s Day was an American favorite before America even formally existed! We’ve been celebrating it since 1737.

Dis-spelling Abbreviation Mistakes

Did you know that the proper way to abbreviate St. Patrick’s Day is “St. Paddy’s Day” and not “St. Patty’s Day”?

Linguistics behind the Luckiest Holiday

This ties into the abbreviation of St. Patrick’s Day. Though it may seem confusing, the reason is because of the holiday’s patron saint, whose real name is actually Pádraig! The name was Anglicized, turning into “Patrick” instead.


Green and St. Patrick’s Day—they go together perfectly, right? Wrong! The original holiday hue was…blue!

Party in the U.S.A.

You already know that our country has loved St. Paddy’s Day since 1737. If you’re wondering which city in the United States first celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, it was Boston!


One of the most interesting facts about St. Patrick’s Day is the fact that the man behind the holiday wasn’t actually canonized. In other words, he wasn’t made a saint by the Pope!

Leprechaun Conservation

Protecting endangered species is important! After all, we have the responsibility to care for our planet. Strangely enough, according to the European Union, leprechauns are a protected species. And no, we’re not kidding! This proclamation came about in Carlingford Mountain in 1989. Well, if we ever seen any of them around, it’s better to be safe than sorry. After all, they love mischief!


St. Patrick’s Day is famed for fun. As it turns out, it’s also comes with a few misconceptions, according to these interesting facts about St. Patrick’s Day. Now, though, you can know the whole truth—and how impressive the holiday is. Oh, and by the way, and make sure that you wear green on March 17!

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